"Teamwork is a fundamental part of this job!  Companionship, continuous improvement and training are essential. "

Jair Torres González,
Operating Manager Tulum

"Since I joined KIIN, there has been constant growth, learning and motivation which fills me with gratitude into being a part of this company. "

Anahi Paola Pacheco Mancilla,
Administration Manager Tulum.

"At KIIN I am in constant learning, it is something that fills me with satisfaction."
Operating Manager Tulum

Nazarena de Jesús González Constante,
Reservations Tulum

"At KIIN I learned about team work, always thinking about the guest. Always greeting them with a warm smile and willingness to help them at all times. "

Rayen Huehuen,
Receptionist Tulum

"At KIIN I am happy, I have learned a lot, and having a guest or owner recognizing my good work makes my day! Thank you KIIN for allowing me these unique experiences. "

Gabriela Arely Cocom May,
Housekeeping Tulum

"It has been very nice and satisfying to be part of the initial team. I have many enjoyable experiences that the KIIN team has given me. "

Guillermo Torres Hernández,
Maintenance Tulum